What is the Holland Christian Home?

We are a nonprofit Christian retirement home certified by the state of New Jersey as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Located in suburban North Haledon, we are easily accessible via highway from most of Passaic, Bergen and Morris County. We are a private facility and receive no funding from Medicare or Medicaid.

As a CCRC, we offer multiple levels of care including Independent Living, Skilled Nursing, and Hospice Care. All of our care options are available to residents thanks to our Life Care program. We also offer Respite Care and Per Diem Care programs.

What exactly is Life Care?

Life Care is a continuum of care given for the rest of your life, including the assurance of long-term skilled nursing care on-site if you should need it, at no added cost. Our payment model means that a one-time entrance fee and small monthly fee secure all of the Home’s services for the rest of your life.

What does it cost to enter the Home?

For the current fiscal year (2020), requirements for residency include a one-time entrance fee of $397,500* plus a monthly Social Security and/or pension contribution of $1,900*.

Any Social Security and/or pension income in excess of this amount at the time of entry is refunded to the resident each month of the first eight years. Thereafter, all Social Security income accrues to the Home.

Residents are responsible for maintaining secondary health insurance and a creditable prescription plan as well as paying for co-pays and dental, eye and hearing expenses.

How do these costs compare to other facilities in the area?

Over an eight-year period (which is the average length of stay at the Home), our costs are significantly lower than similar facilities in our area. These costs calculate to approximately $199 per day. With Life Care, that includes time spent in any of our levels of care, including Skilled Nursing. The 2019 median cost of skilled nursing care in New Jersey was $280 per day**.

What is included in the care that the Holland Christian Home provides?

Among many of the services and benefits every resident of the Home enjoys are a private room with bath, 3 nutritious meals daily, professional medication management, access to Mountain View Nursing Unit– with round-the-clock skilled nursing care and a qualified physician always on call, choice of multiple daily activities, access to all public areas, such as the spacious grounds, meticulously manicured gardens, chapel, library, resident computer room, coffee shops and special occasion rooms, cable television, laundry facilities, housekeeping services, $50/month cash payment for personal needs and access to limited on-site bank services (available twice each month).

What are the criteria for admission?

Applicants must be at least 75 years of age and in relatively good health. A physical examination and a Medical History & Certification form by an applicant’s physician, as well as a clinical screening by one of our licensed registered nurses, are requirements for admission.

How do I apply for admission, and how long does the process take?

First, click here or call our office to schedule a personal tour of our campus. We will provide you with an application form. Once the form is completed and returned, you will be contacted when a room is available. From that point, the typical entry process takes about 30 days.

Is there a discount for couples?

Yes. There is a 35% discount on one entrance fee for married couples who jointly occupy a residential room or suite.

Does the Home have a refund policy?

Yes. Significant refunds are made to an estate if death occurs within the first four years of residency. The refund depends on the length of stay and can amount to as much as $200,000. For married couples, the refund is given to the estate of the last spouse to pass away (unless the couple paid two full entrance fees with no discount, in which case both estates receive a refund).

Do I need to turn over my assets to the Home?

Absolutely not! You retain all assets in excess of the entrance fee. In fact, residency at the Holland Christian Home preserves your assets from being depleted due to the high fee-for-service costs or daily rates of most other CCRCs and Skilled Nursing facilities.

Why should I move into the Holland Christian Home?

You deserve the comfort, security and fellowship of living in a faith-based atmosphere, knowing that your needs will be taken care of for the rest of your life.

Licensed for 118 residential beds and 57 skilled nursing beds, the Home employs over 160 staff members and has twice as many RNs per resident as the average skilled nursing facility in NJ***. Honored as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in 2019 & 2020, the Home has been declared deficiency-free by the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) after unannounced on-site inspections in each of the last three years****.

With recent renovations resulting in beautiful new amenities, our 125 years of experience have cemented us as a pillar of care in northern New Jersey.

What services does the Home provide?

The Home offers different levels of care, including Independent Living, Skilled Nursing, Respite Care and Hospice Care. Essential living expenses are paid by the Home, including:

  • Private room with bathroom.
  • Three daily meals.
  • Professional medication management.
  • Professional services from our 24/7 licensed nurses, medical director, licensed dietician, licensed therapist, and chaplains who are available seven days a week.
  • Around-the-clock skilled nursing care and a qualified physician always on call.
  • Daily activities, including games, performances, trips, exercise programs, and Bible studies.
  • Enjoyment of our spacious grounds, gardens, chapel, library, fitness center, coffee shops and more.
  • Access to limited on-site bank services, available twice each month.
  • Cable television.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • Housekeeping services.
  • $50 monthly cash payment for personal needs.

*As of April 1, 2020

**Genworth Cost of Care Survey 2019, private room rate.

***2019 New Jersey Department of Health Nursing Home Staffing Reports Q1-Q4.

****According to yearly on-site surveys from the New Jersey Department of Health in 2018, 2019 & 2020.