Although many months of interior construction remain, the outside of our new addition looks remarkable! With work progressing rapidly, the Holland Christian Home’s cornerstones were laid September 20 at the entrance of the front of the addition.

The two cornerstones have grounded many eras of the Holland Christian Home. The first, dated 1922, undergirded our home in Paterson until 1960, when it joined the second stone in our move to North Haledon.

Inscribed on each is a reference to 1 Peter 5:7b, “He careth for you.” The stones are a longstanding reminder of God’s continued faithfulness to the Home – and of the mission He has given us!

Pictured from left to right:

Back Row: Building Project Chairman John Belanus, HCH Assistant Treasurer Jacqueline Streelman, HCH Secretary Robert Folkerts.

Middle Row: HCH Executive Director & Administrator Carlos G. Beato, Spirit of Progress Campaign Chairman Michael Westra, North Haledon Mayor Randy George, HCH Board President Steven Eichhorn.

Front Row: HCH Treasurer Brent Sjaardema, HCH Resident Representative Ivan Tanis, HCH Foundation President Abe Van Wingerden, Foundation Executive Director Richard Kuiken.