This year, some of our residents have joined forces with a local nonprofit to help combat human trafficking and spread the Gospel in word and deed.

Jars of Hope sells necklaces filled with broken pieces of glass glitter, reminding that “God is taking the broken pieces of this world and making them into something beautiful and lasting.”

Each shimmering style of necklace corresponds with a specific region of the world where human trafficking is an all-too-present reality.

The necklaces are sold in gift bags. As a charity, Jars of Hope looks for help assembling these bags. That’s where our residents come in. This June, 11 residents teamed up to craft over 300 gift bags in one morning. Each sale of a necklace and gift bag raises $10 for organizations combatting human trafficking. That means that on this single morning, residents helped raise more than $3,000!

Since then, Jars of Hope has already returned to the Home once. Residents look forward to each opportunity!