Trying to understand senior living options can feel like learning a new language. “Life Care, SNF, CCRC…what do all these terms mean?” It can be a lot to learn!

Understanding them, however, can be as simple as it is important. So let’s break down a word that describes the Holland Christian Home: CCRC.

CCRC stands for “Continuing Care Retirement Community.” The use of the word “care” might be confusing. That’s because many people who live in a CCRC don’t require ANY care. They are completely independent. But if they ever do need personalized care, they can continue living in the same retirement community — that care is already available (hence the name “Continuing Care Retirement Community”).

Think of a college. First-year students move onto campus and live in a dorm. They are free to live their lives as they want, with the added benefits of a built-in community and three fresh meals every day! Over time, a student might get sick or need counseling. Older students might need a different living space to accommodate their stage of life. All of those things are available to those students on the same campus. They don’t have to leave their community!

A CCRC like the Holland Christian Home is similar. Residents live their own lives, without the burdens of cooking and cleaning, in a safe environment that makes it easy to build friendships. And when a new stage of life brings challenges, residents remain at the Home while receiving the care they need from 24/7 licensed nurses. Now more than ever, CCRCs are among the best living options for seniors’ quality of life, peace of mind, and financial security. With costs skyrocketing for specialized communities like Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing, CCRCs combine many of the same kinds of care all in one place for one price.

In fact, because of our special contract arrangement — rare among CCRCs in New Jersey — residents at the Holland Christian Home do not pay the Home more money when they need more care. For an eight-year period (which is the average length of stay at the Home), costs calculate to approximately $195 per day. That includes any amount of time spent in our skilled nursing facility. The 2019 median cost of skilled nursing in New Jersey was $350 per day — 79% more!

Oh, and did you know that the Home is the only CCRC in Passaic County? Call today to schedule a tour and see if the Holland Christian Home might be what you or your loved one is looking for.

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