“We feel it was such a blessing to be able to come to the Holland Christian Home and find such peace, love, friendship and comfort.”  – Luis and Tunis (Resident of Holland Christian Home) 

Over the past several years, the Holland Christian Home has been a tremendous blessing to my family and my mother. The facility is a safe, modern, state-of-the-art living environment for the residents, who are free to come and go as they are able. The Home provides delicious and varied meals, activities and outings, and many opportunities to cultivate friendships. Daily health care needs are met by a highly trained and caring staff, and long-term health care offered by the Home provides peace of mind to both the resident and family. Finally, and maybe most importantly, the Holland Christian Home is just that–a Christian environment where residents care about and for each other. Excellent Bible studies cultivate the spiritual life of the residents and chaplains provide strong spiritual support. For all these reasons our family feels tremendously blessed to have the Holland Home as the residence for our mom. – Tim Malefyt (Stroudsburg, PA)

“Hi my name is Joanne Wada and I am blessed to be working at the Holland Christian Home as an Activities associate for 7 1/2 years.  I look forward to coming to work every morning!  As a team the Activities department works really well together.  Each one of us loves our residents and they love us in return.  It’s a win/win situation.  My goal and my desire is to bring joy and encouragement to the residents by exercising every morning then playing games, work on a craft, coloring/painting, reading Scripture or a short story, and reminiscing during coffee time. .  Sometimes I have the privilege to pray with residents when they are going through a hard time. We keep the residents active. The residents are usually appreciative and very complimentary. 

When I’m not working in Mountainview I take independent residents shopping or I’m involved with special programs that take place in the Chapel. We keep busy being there for the residents and staff whenever and however needed. 

I thank God for the privilege of working at the Holland Christian Home! I love my job!” – Joanna (Activities Assistant) 

“My history with the Holland Christian Home goes back to my teens. I worked in the kitchen during the 70’s while in high school and college, making some life-long friends in the process. When I got married, I said I only knew how to cook for 140 people!  Later, my in-laws John & Elsie Vander Ploeg served as superintendents of the Home for 12 years. As a toddler, my daughter loved to tag along with my father-in-law at the Home. Still years later, both of my parents, Charlie and Hilda Borduin, were residents at the Home, and spent the remainder of their lives being cared for in the nursing unit. My mom’s oncologist told me on several occasions that the Holland Christian Home was the only place she called where every nurse who answered the phone knew who she was calling about and was well informed of her condition and treatment.  That’s one of the many benefits of our small size and the personal attention that allows. After spending years in art-related career opportunities, I have now been working for over 12 years for the HCH Foundation. Employment at the Home is not just a job – it’s being part of a ministry – and that motivates me every day to do my best for the residents.  I love my job.  I love the residents.  I love providing opportunities for others to bless our Home in many ways.”  – Sue (HCH Foundation Director)


“Being fairly new to the Holland Christian Home (only 3 months) as an employee. I can honestly say that I love working here! I feel like I have been part of the team forever- it truly feels like ‘home’. From the get-go, everyone has been so welcoming, from co-workers to residents to families. I have worked in healthcare for many years with many great experiences and some not so great, HCH stands out as number one for making employees feel appreciated and respected. This begins with the wonderful Administrative Director and Department heads. There is a true sense of community and care and the fact that is is ‘faith-based’ offers yet another level of caring that is often missing from other facilities, I am thankful and blessed to have found my place at HCH and look forward to providing meaning activities for the residents for many years to come.” – Kathe (Director of Activities)

Hello, my name is Jack. I am 82 years old. I moved into the Holland Christian Home on July 2nd 2021.

About five or six years ago I decided to start looking for a Continuing Care Retirement Home in North Jersey. I have no family and thought I would like to be in a place that will take care of me when I needed it. I looked at quite a few places, including the HCH, but decided on another facility. It was a beautiful one-bedroom apartment with a totally renovated kitchen with cabinets and stainless steel appliances that I picked out. I also selected hardwood laminate flooring throughout the apartment. It also came with a piggyback washer and dryer. I thought I was set for the rest of my life. They offered a Continental breakfast and one meal a day. There was a beautiful dining room where you could select soup, salad, choice of two entrees and choice of dessert. If you didn’t want to eat in the dining room you could go to the Bistro and order anything off the menu as your meal for the day. The Bistro also had an area where you could buy milk, bread, or toiletries. I thought I was set for life.

Over a three year period I observed other residents and what they had to do when their health declined. It was up to them to hire nursing aides from outside agencies if they wanted to stay in the independent living apartment; of course at their expense. If they opted to go into the assisted living area the costs increased significantly. If they then had to go into the continuing care unit the costs skyrocketed. All of the facilities that I visited operated the same way except for the HCH. I wasn’t at that stage yet but I was losing sleep worrying about my future needs.

My main concern was the health care I might need in the future. It would be great if I died like my father did. He went to bed one night and never woke up. He had a heart attack in his sleep. My mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was given six months to two years to live. She died three months later, at home, in her own bed, in my arms. That can’t happen to me. Unfortunately we don’t know how the end will  come. And as I said I was losing sleep over it.

I decided to take another look at the HCH. It is less than half the size of the facility I had originally chosen or any of the other facilities that I looked at. The rooms are small (because you stay in that room as long as you are independent but also if you need assisted living). There is no kitchen. All meals are provided for you in the dining room. They have a strong Dutch Protestant heritage neither of which I am. Those are a few of the things I had to consider. But in the long run for me they are all secondary and I could learn to adapt.

The HCH is unique in their financial approach and health care approach. For me the main thing is the way HCH operates its health care. All nurses and aides are in-house. They get to know you from day one. They know your medical history and will monitor your medications. You don’t have to move from independent to assisted living. They are both the same. The acute care areas are also in the same building. The costs do not change. Bottom line for me is that now I am at peach and I sleep at night because I know that when and if I need health care and/or assistance it’s there for me. At this stage of my life that’s all that matters.

The first week that I moved into the HCH many of the nurses and aides knocked on my door to introduce themselves to me and welcome me. I can almost guarantee that would never happen at any other facility. You have to decide what is most important for you.  – Resident of Holland Christian Home 

“When we go through dark places in our lives, the importance of being surrounded by a loving community becomes hugely significant. Recently I lost my 56-year-old son after his courageous battle against cancer. During those painful days and as I continue to grieve, the support of my Holland Christian Home family is truly a blessing. Their care and concern is evidenced daily and I have felt held up by the many prayers. Sharing the love of Christ allows healing to happen. It is a privilege to be part of the Holland Christian Home family” – Carol (Resident of Holland Christian Home)

“There is a community feel to our place. We look out for each other. There are opportunities to grow and listen. Depending on the support you might need in the future. We have intermediary care as well.”
“I tell my sons it’s a gift I gave to them, they don’t have to worry about me. They know I am well cared for.” – Resident of Holland Christian Home 

“It’s almost 5 years since I made the HCH my permanent home and it was a very wonderful experience. Everyone is friendly and very helpful are welcoming so the atmosphere is so homey. I love the fellowship and delicious food and most of all the Jesus Christ is the center of each day”- Resident of Holland Christian Home 

“Thank you for everything that you do to make life safe, sound and happy! We are so grateful for the excellent care and genuine dedication of each and every staff person.” – Nielsen Family (Children of HCH Resident)

“We honestly don’t know how you do it, but every single member of your staff from custodial to nursing are the warmest and most caring of people. We would recommend HCH to anyone who asks.” – Kim Marchese & Sue Green (Children of former HCH Resident) 

“Thanks for extending such good care to Mom & Dad. I know you are going above and beyond… It is greatly appreciated!!” – Mary Kruithof (Family of HCH Resident)

“The compassion, kindness and the joy you show every day is appreciated. Because of you, we live in a happier world here at the Holland Christian Home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Glorian (Resident of Holland Christian Home)

“My friends who live there just love it…the food, the cleanliness, the staff, the care and the feeling of being home again.” – Carole Runo (Five-Star Facebook Review)

“I love it here and thank God for it.” – Anna (Resident of Holland Christian Home)