Our Mission

The Holland Christian Home is a retirement and support service community of men and women, bound together as a family by a common faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. With hearts to love and hands to help, our staff, volunteers, and Board are dedicated to the well-being of our residents through the nurture of devoted care; a warm, homelike atmosphere; loving and friendly companionship; and a strong covenant relationship.

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Mercy Martin, LNHA, RN, CALA, CDN, RD, Executive Director & Administrator

Ms. Martin arrives at the Home with a wealth of experience, having worked in acute, non-acute, for-profit and nonprofit settings. She has held roles as a dietitian/nutritionist, nurse, MDS, Director of Nursing, and Administrator. “The Holland Christian Home is exceptionally different,” she says. “There’s nothing like it!”

Email: mmartin@hchnj.org
Phone: Extension 626

Kathe Carrero, Director of Activities & Volunteers

Email: kcarrero@hchnj.org
Phone: Extension 612

John Bosch, Director of Pastoral Care

Email: jbosch@hchnj.org
Phone: Extension 613

, RN, Director of Health Maintenance & Monitoring Services

Phone: Extension 637

Phyllis Englishman, Director of Human Resources

Email: penglishman@hchnj.org
Phone: Extension 618

Chris Franco, Director of Social Services

Email: cfranco@hchnj.org
Phone: Extension 611

Nino Gorga, Director of Environmental Services

Email: ngorga@hchnj.org
Phone: Extension 668

Sofia Burke, RN, Director of Nursing

Email: sburke@hchnj.org
Phone: Extension 636

Steve Schott, Director of Dietary Services

Email: sschott@hchnj.org
Phone: Extension 625

Michael Sico, Director of Finance

Email: msico@hchnj.org
Extension 640

Kim Veinberg, Director of Regulatory Compliance

Email: kveinberg@hchnj.org
Phone: Extension 650

Charlotte Vriesema, Assistant Administrator

Email: cvriesema@hchnj.org
Phone: Extension 658

Lori Westerhoff, Business Office Manager

Email: lwesterhoff@hchnj.org
Phone: Extension 600

Board of Directors

Steven Eichhorn, President

Abe Van Wingerden, Vice President

Randy Veenstra, Secretary

Beverly Cusack, Treasurer

Ray Broek, Assistant Treasurer

Paul Lyman, Resident Representative

John Belanus

Paul Heerema

Virginia Hoogstra

Michael Kukol

Thomas Rose

Beverly Ten Kate