A full spectrum of care that is adaptable to our residents’ personal needs.

Looking for options that suit you or your loved one’s active lifestyle? Residential Health Care at the Holland Christian Home might be a perfect fit.

Do you or your loved one need more dedicated, around-the-clock care? Newly renovated Mountain View Skilled Nursing could be exactly what you are looking for.

No matter what level of care a resident receives, he or she has access to valuable opportunities and resources, including hospice care if ever needed.

We proudly accommodate short-term stays through our Respite Care or per diem programs, as well as long-term commitments through our Life Care program. Whether you are here for 10 days or 10 years, we want you to receive the care and resources that you need.

Residential Health Care

Moving into the Home means more independence, not less.

Mountain View Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing facility (SNF) under the same roof as the rest of the Home.

Respite Care

Short or long-term Respite Care for adults 65 and over in any of our levels of care.

Hospice Care

Choosing a place they can call “home” for the rest of their lives.

Room Layout

Residents bring their own furniture and effects to the Home, so each room is a personal expression of a resident’s style.