One of the Holland Christian Home’s unique benefits is the presence of a skilled nursing facility (SNF) under the same roof as the rest of the Home.

When residents move into the Home with a Life Care plan, they have the assurance of knowing they will not move away if they need skilled nursing care someday.

That care is available at the Home to all residents – including individuals in respite care or per diem care – in Mountain View Skilled Nursing.

Mountain View Skilled Nursing is an extension of the rest of our Home that empowers its residents to continue living full lives. A key fact about Mountain View is that it is not in a separate building. Residents who move to Mountain View from elsewhere in the Home remain in the same Holland Christian Home community they’ve grown to love.

The most fundamental priority of a skilled nursing facility is, of course, skilled nursing care. That’s why we hire and train more nurses and nursing aides at the Home than at similar organizations. A shortage of nurses has led some states like New Jersey to consider laws mandating a maximum number of residents per nurse at facilities. But that’s not a problem in Mountain View, where we typically have around twice as many registered nurses per resident as at average SNFs in New Jersey. Our staffing allows nurses and aides to spend more time with the residents they care for.

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