Our Independent Living rooms give residents the personal freedom they need.

You can rest in the assurance that medical and daily living resources are always available if needed.

Without the day-to-day responsibilities and expenses associated with owning and maintaining a home, residents have time to socialize with neighbors and enjoy activities. And they may come and go as they please, enjoying the freedom of having their own cars, attending their own churches and organizations, or traveling and visiting friends and family.

Residents bring their own furniture and effects to the Home, so each room is a personal expression of a resident’s style. You’ll find photos of family and loved ones, musical instruments, arts and crafts, computers and much, much more in our residents’ rooms – each telling a wonderful story about the people who live there.

Our residents benefit from a host of services we provide, including full and frequent housekeeping and laundry service, three delicious, homemade daily meals prepared under the direction of a Culinary Institute-trained chef, and a highly-skilled on-site medical team to attend to our residents’ every health care need.

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