In an effort to understand what everyone at the Home truly thinks about their time here, we worked together this summer with an independent company to offer surveys for staff and residents.

Because our partner company, Align, collected the surveys themselves and assembled the results into custom-made reports for the Home, employees and residents were able to complete the surveys with confidence that their responses would be completely anonymous. That confidence led to a lot of transparent discussion – the kind of honest feedback the Home needs to keep living up to its mission.

The results, we are proud to say, were overwhelmingly positive. A full 75% of Independent Living residents responded, and all of them expressed feeling safe in their surroundings, cared for spiritually, proud to have loved ones visit them, and respected by a friendly staff. Nearly all (97% or above) agreed that the Holland Christian Home truly does have a homelike atmosphere, and they would recommend the Home to others.

Skilled nursing residents rated the Home higher than typical residents at similar senior service organizations in an incredible 21 of the 23 categories examined in the survey. Suggestions were also helpful, confirming certain ways we already hoped to improve. For example, our Spirit of Progress renovations will provide Mountain View skilled nursing unit with a warming kitchen to ensure meals are as fresh as possible and a private sitting room for comfortable visits with family.

Among employees, results were equally encouraging. Compared to similar senior service organizations, employees at the Home are more satisfied with their job and think more highly of the care provided.

Exciting results for the Home as we build into the future!